Twitter…the Secret World



Twitter…the Secret World

I’ve used Twitter in a few different ways, so I thought this week’s topic would be a simple one.  I’ve followed friends, bloggers, and public figures.  I’ve also participated in Twitter parties with bloggers.  During conferences and workshops, I’ve read tweets on my phone and on large screens.  After reading through the Twitter articles, I found that the Twitter world involves much more than this!  There is a secret world in which I wasn’t aware.

The Twitter world is very vast.  I learned how to find new followers, other sites I can use with Twitter, how to brand, about mastermind groups, and how to create a twitter group.  There are so many twitter terminologies.  I will surely need to review the list again.  There are so many rules in the world, and I didn’t realize that Twitter had it’s own set of etiquette.  I never imagined that people were meeting in person for a “Tweet Up.”  One can even find a job on Twitter!  The Twitter world is new to me.

One idea that wasn’t completely new to me was the use of Twitter in Education.  At conferences, I’ve heard other teachers use it to share learning and writing summaries.  Students often have trouble in keeping a summary short, and Twitter only allows 160 characters.  Elementary students may not actually use Twitter, but may use the concept.  They can write tweets as part of an assignment with 160 characters or less even though it may not be tweeted online.  It can be used as a back channel too.  While teachers may be uncomfortable with this, students will be still on topic.  Students are using social media outside of the class, and there can be a role for it inside of education also.

I am exploring the use of Twitter in a couple of new ways.  First, I’d like to use multiple twitter accounts and an online site to manage it.  I didn’t want separate accounts because I didn’t want to log out of one to get into another.  I have a young friend who tweets random thoughts.  Yesterday, he tweeted about a fart that he was anticipating.  I couldn’t respond because I didn’t want my new classmates, the professor and the teaching assistants to see me tweeting about such a topic!  If I have another account that can be easily managed, I won’t have to worry about this again.  I’m also considering the use of Twitter or Facebook in my new position as a community school site coordinator.  Newsletters and websites have not been very successful in the past.  However, this summer a Facebook page was well attended.  The world is using Twitter, and I will need to explore how this may play a part in my life.


7 thoughts on “Twitter…the Secret World

  1. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for your well-composed blog! I’m curious too about the possibility of multiple Twitter accounts and a way to manage them. I suppose this might be one way to create user groups if you have different groups of followers. Let us know what you figure out!

  2. Hi Tina,
    Unlike you, I’m new to Twitter. I love that you shared what your young friend tweeted about. Kids can be so funny…gotta love being a kid again. Well, may be not. : )

  3. Hello, Tina. I agree with you that we need multiple Twitter accounts not to send irrelevant messages to classmates. How many accounts do you need? Can you manate them all?

  4. I am a newbie to the Twitter world. And I feel like everyone knows how to do it. I actually created a Twitter account a couple of years ago but never actually used it. I think it is a good idea to have separate accounts for work and personal. In your line of work in the community, I think having both an FB is a great way to inform the public what you do and share info and get comments as well.

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