Online Course Suggestions

What are the 2 most important tips for succeeding in an online course?

  1. Be organized:  Keep a calendar or use an online tool like Trello to be oraganized with assignments.
  2. Create a schedule:  As scheduling is flexible in an online course, it will be important to have your own shedule of worktime.

How would a course designer or instructor address these types?

  1. Offer tools: Online course designers can offer tools such as Trello to keep students organized.
  2. Create weekly schedules:  A daily weekly schedule as Dr. Bert offered can help students  with a suggested schedule for the course.

One thought on “Online Course Suggestions

  1. Great thoughts, Tina. I think that organization and schedules are the single most important factor for success– particularly with high school students that I work with. I think this is one of the greatest challenges in course design– how to make a good and usable calendar that everyone uses. I use to stay in touch with my students and send text message reminders about work.
    Talk to you soon, Emily

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