About Tina

This semester I am taking my first class in 13 years!  Follow my journey in the ETEC 622: E-learning Theory and Design via this blog.  I will explore the world of elearning and Educational Technology.

Description of Work/Professional Interests

After 14 years as a classroom teacher, I left to coordinate a place based, project based after school program in Waianae through the University of Hawaii.  In the classroom and as a coordinator, I loved to include technology into the classroom.  Currently, I am transitioning into a new role as a community school site coordinator where I will connect community and parents to the school.  I desire to help children in Waianae find their passions and become successful in life.  I am very interested in the use of technology in schools, in the workplace, and in life.

Learn more about my work at: http://www.palshi.org and http://www.placeshawaii.org

Personal Interests/Hobbies

With a hubby and 4 kids, most of my time is spend with them at home, in their activities, and at church.  I spend much time at the soccer and volleyball fields.  I volunteer as a team mom and a referee.  As time permits, I love to craft.  I especially enjoy making jewelry with beads.  I recently started blogging as a guest on a couponing site, m2minspiredhawaii.org,  using iMovie.  Thus, I coupon too!  In my travels for work, I enjoy visiting different parts of our country.  I visited the east coast for the first time last year.  My travels have taken me to San Francisco, Napa, Oakland, Minneapolis, Dallas, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Columbus, and the Big Island.


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